Product Details

Piling Machine

    Product Details

    Applicable objects

    Pile driving and pulling operations for various pipes and steel plates

    Product Features

    · Adopts highly efficient imported damping rubber block, stable quality, long service life.

    · Adopts original imported hydraulic motor, high efficiency of vibrating power.

    · Powerful hydraulic cylinder, super durable tooth piece.

    · Strong and tight clip mouth ensures safety.

    · Little noise and short construction period, overcome environmental problems.

    · Designed for excellent strength, good durability and performance.

    · Applied to pile or extract steel sheet piles, steel pipe piles, cement pile, especially suitable for municipal, bridges, cofferdam, building foundation etc.

    Product parameters

    Item/ModelUnitHY 20HY40
    Eccentric MomentNm4085
    Centrifugal ForcekN300570
    Working Pressurebar280300
    Oil FlowL/min155255
    Max Turningdegree270270
    WeightMain Bodykg20802940
    Extension Boomkg7401070
    Total Weightkg29004100
    Suitable Excavatorton20-3035-50

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