Product Details

Log Grapple

    Product Details

    Applicable objects

    Wood handling

    Main Features

    · Tilting quick hitch can solve the need to move the entire excavator to complete the job requirements and improve work efficiency by simply tilting.

    · At the same time replace the more attachments, it can also easily inclined at different angles to complete the job.

    · The overall design is compact, light weight, long service life.

    Product parameters

    Item/ModelUnitHNL 04HNL 06HNL 08HNL 10
    Max jaw openingmm1300140018002300
    Oil pressurekg/cm²110-140120-160150-170160-180
    Set up pressurekg/cm²170180190200
    Operating fluxL/min30-5550-10090-110100-140
    Cylinder Volumeton4*24.5*28*29.7*2

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