Product Details

Quick Coupler

    Product Details

    Applicable objects

    Cooperate with various types of excavators to assist in rapid operation.

    Main features:

    · Tilting quick hitch can solve the need to move the entire excavator to complete the job requirements and improve work efficiency by simply tilting.

    · At the same time replace the more attachments, it can also easily inclined at different angles to complete the job.

    · The overall design is compact, light weight, long service life.

    · Automatic installation of security systems, full protection job security.

    Product parameters

    Item/ModelUnitHNL miniHNL 02HNL 04HNL 06HNL 08HNL 10
    L Overall Lengthmm388534-545600765924-944983-1050
    H Overall Heightmm246307310388492574
    W Overall Widthmm175258-263270-280353-436449-483543-568
    Pin to Pin Center Distancemm80-150230-270290-360380-420460-480473-540
    Forearm Open Widthmm80-140155-170180-200232-315306-340375-411
    Retractable Distance of Oll Cylindermm170-206205-275340-450340-486256-390413-590
    Top to Bottom Pin Distancemm159195195220275300
    Pin Diametermm25-4045-5050-5560-7070-8080-90
    Working Pressurekg/cm²40-38040-38040-38040-38040-38040-380
    Required Oil FlowL/min10-2010-2010-2010-2010-2010-20
    Suitable Excavatorton1.5-44-75-89-1917-2323-30

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