Product Details

Vibratory Rammer

    Product Details

    Applicable objects

    Compaction, pile driving and pulling, crushing and other operations in ditches, slopes, steps, and complex terrain;

    Main features:

    · Applied to compaction works in streets with slope, dam slope, retaining structure and drainage ditch as well as rock layer compaction works.

    · Work quickly and economically, easy to install and operate.

    · Adopt ”Parker“ brand (from US) hydraulic vibration motor, sturdy and durable.

    · The integrated flow rate and pressure control ensures safety, hydraulic overloading is not possible.

    · Adopt cylinder roller bearing(imported from Sweden), low noise, reliable and high speed.

    · Using high strength plate and high wear-resisting board (Hardox) in key parts to guarantee the quality.

    Product parameters

    Item/Model单位 UnitHNL 04HNL 06HNL 08
    Power of Impulseton46.515
    Vibration Frequencyrpm/min200020002200
    Oil FlowI/min45-8585-105120-170
    Operating Pressurekg/cm²100-130100-150150-200
    Bottom Measurementmm900*5501160*7001350*900

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